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Regular Cleanings And Check Ups in Apex NC and Cary NC

Dental Check Up and Cleaning in Apex and Cary NC

A Healthy Smile Starts with Regular Checkup and Cleaning

Lots of people notice the bright, beautiful smiles of celebrities and wonder how they keep their teeth looking so good. While many celebrities professionally whiten their teeth, the truth is they can’t do that without first having a healthy mouth. Practicing excellent oral hygiene at home is the number one key to a healthy smile. Having regular exams and cleanings with Dr. Pezdek is the second important factor in keeping your smile as radiant and healthy as possible. Far too many people assume that they only need to see a dentist when they feel pain, but a dental check-up is something that everyone should do regularly.

Good Oral Hygiene Routine

Brushing and flossing at home are important for good oral hygiene, but many people don’t realize that professional exams and cleanings are the key to disease detection because only a dentist can identify small problems before they become big problems. X-rays are a common component of a dental exam. Dental x-rays show problems that may be starting inside your teeth, problems you may not even know about because there’s no pain or sensitivity… yet. Even when brushing and flossing you might be able to see buildup on your teeth, but it takes a good Apex NC and Cary NC dental specialist to remove that plaque and tartar so it doesn’t turn into something far more serious, like gum disease.

People who wait until they feel pain to have their teeth examined leave their health vulnerable to a number of potential problems. Many people will see a doctor every year for a checkup, but only pay a visit to the apex dentistry physician every few years. In truth, many diseases can be worsened by having poor oral health, and vice versa. Your teeth are part of your body – an important part – so keeping them healthy contributes to your overall health and well being.

Oral health starts at home, but there is only so much you can do at home. Dr. Tom Pezdek is on your team for good oral health. Routine exams and cleanings with an apex dentist at Pezdek Dental Care will preserve your beautiful smile, and we will share information with you about how to keeping smiling all the way into your golden years.

Pezdek Dental can help you with all of your dental needs. Currently serving Apex NC, Cary NC, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today!

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