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Oral Probiotics - a Simple Solution to Complex Problems

Probiotic tablets for the gut have been around for decades. ProBioriaPro is a once a day mint flavored probiotic for the mouth that is placed on the tongue at bedtime. It dissolves slowly over a few minutes.

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Eight Steps to Comfortable Dental Shots

“Painless Dentistry” has been sought after for centuries but is elusive. I have gotten one step closer with the development of my eight-step injection technique.

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Best Type of Tooth Brush

You would not think that there is a science to the best type of tooth brush but there is. Using a badly designed brush can actually do damage to your teeth and gums.

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How is Brushing without Flossing like Showering without Washing Under our Arms

The tooth brush can not get in between our teeth. This is the area where most decay and gum disease occurs.

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Egg Yoke and Teeth - What do they have to do with each other?

What is the fuzzy film on your teeth that you feel when you wake up every morning? It is a thick coating of living bacteriathat grows and covers your teeth like moss covering a rock.

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Wiggle Don’t Scrub Increase Tooth Brushing Efficiency By 80%

You can increase the efficiency of your tooth brushing by eighty percent by changing one thing, the length of your brushing stroke. You want the ends of the tooth brush bristles to remain still on the teeth while the brush handle wiggles back and forth while pushing the bristles between the teeth.

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TMJ Pain Natural Remedy

TMJ stands for Tempo-Mandibular Joint. It is the joint next to the ear canal that articulates the lower jaw. Pain mainly comes from the muscles that support the joint and can radiate to all the chewing muscles. This pain is caused by hours of UNCONSIOUS clenching of our teeth due to STRESS. The muscles deficient in calcium and magnesium start to spasm and cramp up.

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Dentistry – Home care tips for Adults

Your teeth and gums come a long way in your life. They play the important role of breaking down food and aiding the digestion process. If proper care is not taken, the teeth can be infected and fall out which deteriorates the overall health of a person. Therefore it is important that every person practices good oral hygiene and follows a healthy diet to prevent dental infection and lead a healthy life.

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Osseointegration – The key to dental implant surgery

Dental implants are considered to be the best way to replace lost tooth. The high success rate of dental implant surgery and the Osseointegration process, which ensures a permanent tooth restoration, have made this restoration process very popular in the field of prosthodontics. So how does an alien material integrate with the jawbone to become an integral part of human body? To answer this question, one should understand the various phases of Osseointegration process.

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